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Clary Sage, Salvia Sclarea

The use of Clary Sage dates back to the middle ages when it was used to relax and soothe individuals dealing with rough skin, excessive stress or hormonal imbalances. Many women use Clary sage for relief and support during menstrual cycles, which is how it earned the title of “woman’s oil.” The aroma of Clary Sage is associated with higher self esteem, hope, and mental strength. This essential oil also provides stress relief, tension release, and a rejuvenating experience.

Aroma: Herbaceous, Floral, Sweet

Country of Origin: France

Plant Part: Buds and Leaves

Consistency: Medium/Thin ✓ Approved for use with Natural Mist

Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation

Top Benefits: Relax Body, Rejuvenate Mind, Balance Mood