Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Profile - Madagascar

The Country

Madagascar is a unique island country, boasting incredible nature, beauty, and rarity. It is home to almost 15,000 plant species, and 80% of these can be found nowhere else in the world. Miles and miles of coast wrap around the island, providing harmonious and dramatic geography. Madagascar’s fauna is exploding with indigenous wildlife, creating one of the most iconic island countries in the world.

The Plant

Ylang Ylang Tree

Cananga odorata is a tropical tree that grows in full or partial sun and is renowned for its intoxicating scent. The evergreen leaves have a smooth, glossy look with wavy margins. The leaves are commonly spread on the beds of newlywed couples to arouse intimacy.

The Oil

 Ylang Ylang is a unique essential oil extracted from Cananga odorata flowers in Madagascar, a unique and diverse island country in the Indian Ocean. Its source plant is often referred to as the "flower of flowers" due to its sweet, floral aroma. Ylang Ylang is used in some of the most popular perfumes on planet earth.